Our Center

facility-compDesigned by the parent of a CEID graduate, the CEID campus was custom-built to meet the needs of young children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Each classroom is equipped with special features which benefit our students. First, all classrooms are acoustically modified to provide an optimal listening environment for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. We have a completely quiet, radiant floor heating system which prevents ambient noise from interfering with the efficiency of hearing aids and cochlear implants. The walls and floors are made from acoustic tile and other soft materials which absorb ambient noise, rather than transmit it. Second, because children with low vision see significantly better in natural light, each classroom has a row of clerestory windows which fills the rooms with natural daylight. All classrooms were built with one-way mirrors and intercom systems permitting parents, health professionals, and other visitors to observe classroom activities without interrupting the students or teachers. Finally, each CEID classroom contains an interactive smart-board, providing our teachers and students with a cutting-edge tool to stimulate active learning and participation.

In addition to our classrooms, the CEID campus has a playground (including a climbing structure and a sandbox) which is surfaced with recycled rubber, offering protection for children during active play. We have two auditory and speech therapy rooms where our students receive individual speech, language and auditory training. For our parents, there is a family library where books, DVDs, and other resources are available. On site, we also have a double wall audiology suite where we provide newborn hearing screenings; diagnostic evaluations for children and adults of all ages; and hearing aid dispensing services.


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