2018 Program of the Year

CEID is the 2018 Program of the Year by the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association (CSHA)!

The CSHA State Nominating Committee has recognized CEID as the premier speech and language program in California for 2018. This is an extraordinary honor and wonderful achievement for CEID recognizing our overall leadership in the field of communication and language development and, in particular, our unique expertise in providing education and audiology services to babies and children and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing.  From working with young children and their families, to empowering youth, to identifying and resolving the hearing needs of adults, CEID is a dynamic, multi-disciplined organization with the mission focus of maximizing communication potential for all ages. Learn more about CSHA.



Parent Testimonials

Parents submitted nomination letters to the CSHA Board in support of CEID. Here is what they had to say:

Stephanie – “CEID has provided 5 years of genuinely life changing intervention and novel educational services to my daughter, Stephanie, from the time she was 9 months old.  She is nearly 7 now, and moving on to kindergarten.”

“As a parent, I was offered sign language classes and regular community events and trainings designed to help me keep up with her, and navigate the educational system.  . .  I’m an IEP veteran now, because CEID’s team took it upon themselves to help me become one.”

“[CEID] rose to the occasion for us, meeting Stephanie’s behavioral, orthopedic, cognitive, vision and other needs that her brain tumor impacted; needs that would have likely impacted her speech and language further, had those concerns not also been simultaneously addressed.  Although ostensibly merely a D/HH program, CEID in reality was one of the only programs I know of that really dives deep into all of the educational components a complex child needs, instead of having merely one focus.”

“Stephanie, specifically, was supported in several language modalities in any given day, not merely because of her speech and language needs, but because her [educational] team’s close following of her multiple other needs implied that using these additional modalities would improve her speech and language and education overall; they were added to the repertoire of communication techniques to pull out the best version of Stephanie out of her.  It worked!  Today, she is moving on to a less restrictive Kindergarten program, and we have high hopes for her future.”

Mandi – “The staff creates lesson plans that combine learning and fun through music, arts, stories and drama. Mandi originally had tactile defensiveness but by using hand under hand support, it allowed her to develop more independence. The staff made adjustments in the classroom for Mandi since she is visually impaired. They labeled classroom items with braille and placed a different piece of tactile fabric at each classroom entrance so she would recognize where she was going by touching the fabric. Due to Mandi’s visual and hearing impairments the use of touch and/or object cues was very important in letting her know what was going to happen next. We have had so much fun going on field trips to the petting zoo and the local parks. It helped teach us how to get Mandi more involved in the community.”

“CEID has empowered us to be the best advocates for Mandi. . . We were very grateful to have them by our side every step of the way.”

“Carol Lettko is a tremendous speech therapist. Her years of experience and natural ability have helped Mandi in so many ways. Carol adapts her sessions to each individual child’s needs to maximize the child’s ability to express themselves. She has difficulty producing bilabial sounds (B, M, P). Carol taught us the PROMPT technique which involves tactile cues to Mandi to improve her bilabial production. Through Carol’s advice and techniques Mandi’s speech clarity has greatly improved.”

Watch Berkeley Mayor, Jesse Arreguín, present CEID Executive Director, Cindy Dickeson, with a proclamation for the CSHA Award at the February 27, 2018 Berkeley City Council Meeting