Training for Medical Providers

training-providersPediatric Resident Training Program
Each month, pediatric residents and medical providers from around the Bay Area visit CEID to observe our classrooms and therapy sessions to learn techniques that maximize communication skills. Because local medical schools and residency programs do not provide specialized education on early identification of deafness, this training educates health care providers about the importance of diagnosing deafness at birth, the referral process, effective and comprehensive early intervention strategies and information to support parents during their first few weeks and months of the diagnostic process. Residents also increase their understanding of the limitations and benefits of hearing aids, use of sign language, and protocols used to determine a child’s candidacy for cochlear implants or hearing aids. Through grant funding and donor support, each resident receives a complimentary copy of our Pediatric Resource Guide to Infant and Childhood Hearing Loss, a unique publication that was designed specifically for medical providers.

Grand Rounds at local Teaching Hospitals
CEID is often asked to present its model program at local teaching hospitals, including UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals, and Kaiser. Presentations are designed for 1-hour live audience interaction.