School Based Trainings and Consultation Services

consultationsThe majority of California students who are deaf or hard of hearing receive their education in mainstream settings. These students need specialized support services to thrive in mainstream educational settings. Masters-level professional staff provide direct service, consultation and professional development to schools serving students who are deaf of hard of hearing.

Direct itinerant support to students can be provided by Teachers of the Deaf. Teachers work with students from early intervention through high school to provide them the support to learn alongside hearing peers. Teachers provide academic assistance, pre-teaching of vocabulary and background information, developing listening and language competency, promoting self advocacy and social skills. Teachers also provide support and training in daily management of FM systems and personal amplification. Classroom observation, evaluations and participation in IEP and 504 Meetings occur.

CEID Professional Staff (Teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists) work collaboratively with classroom teachers and school site staff to support student success. Consultation services aim to provide classroom teachers with an understanding of the student’s hearing level, impacts of the classroom environment on the student’s auditory access, understanding of personal amplification, FM systems and other factors impacting student academic success.
Staff trainings and professional development opportunities are offered for greater understanding of supporting students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

SEEDS: Supporting Early Education Delivery Systems was a joint project shared by the California Department of Education and the Sacramento County Office of Education until the program ended in 2014. CEID was a consultant from 1981 through 2014 designated as a “best practice” visitation site.
SEEDS established a network of consultants and visitation sites to assist Local Education Agencies (public schools) in providing quality services.