Conference presentations

Child and teacher lying on floor signingCEID Staff present at local, state and national conferences to share our work and perspectives. Our recent presentations include:

2017 National EHDI Conference “Working with students who are Deaf Plus”, Jessica Salaam, M.A.

2015 San Francisco State University “The Role of the Speech/Language Pathologist with Deaf Plus Children“, Carol Lettko CCC-SLP, Daniel Valluzzi.

2015 San Francisco State University “The Role of the DHH Teacher and the Speech/Language Pathologist in working with deaf and hard of hearing children in early intervention“, Kimberly (Tarasenko)Leong M.A. and Carol Lettko CCC-SLP

2014 National EHDI Conference “D-B one”, Kimberly (Tarasenko)Leong M.A.

2013 National EHDI Conference “Individualizing Instruction for Children with Multiple Special Needs: Lessons from a Deaf-Blind Playgroup”,Kimberly (Tarasenko) Leong M.A.

2013 Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland “Identification and Early Intervention for Infants and Young Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing”, Cindy Dickeson MSW, Helisa Katz MA, Carol Lettko CCC-SLP

2013 California Academy of Audiology “Early Intervention: Considering Diversity in Providing Effective Strategies and Supports for Working with Young Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing and their Families”, Jill Ellis M. Ed, Jennifer Wayman CCC-SLP, Carol Lettko CCC-SLP, Kim Burke-Giusti

2013 American Cochlear Implant Alliance “Cochlear Implants in Children with Multiple Disabilities”, Jill Ellis M. Ed

2013 California Early Start Advanced Practice Institute, “Supporting Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing”.  Kimberly (Tarasenko)Leong M.A. and Jill Ellis M. Ed

2012 National EHDI Conference, “Parents as Partners: Remembering the Adults in Parent/Child Classes”, Kimberly (Tarasenko)Leong, M.A.

2012 Hearing Loss Association of California “Building Educational Bridges to support your child’s Hearing Needs”, Cindy Dickeson, MSW