Toddler Classroom (D/HH)

ceid-11This class combines both free play and structured activities to foster the mastery of age appropriate skills in the areas of communication and socialization, as well as physical, motor, and cognitive development. It serves up to eight children, ages 18 to 36 months, who are identified as deaf or hard of hearing or have severe speech and language delays. In the Toddler Class, the child to teacher ratio is typically 2:1 providing specialized, individualized attention. The class uses a hands-on, play based approach enabling children to fully interact with toys and peers and to develop a more complex use of spoken language, sign language and social interaction. This class meets four mornings per week, Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 12pm.

  • Utilizes a multi-sensory and integrated thematic approach
  • Includes auditory training activities
  • Uses a Total Communication approach, including the simultaneous use of Signing Exact English (SEE) and spoken English

Referral Information

  • If a child is already receiving Early Start services through a regional center or a local education agency, the case manager or service coordinator should contact CEID to make a referral for specialized instruction.
  • Individual needs and goals will be assessed to determine which class best fits each child.