Preschool Classroom (D/HH)

ceid-28The Preschool Class focuses on the developmental needs and interests of preschoolers and prepares them for transition to kindergarten. The class is composed of eight to ten students and has a child to teacher ratio of 4:1. It serves children ages 3 to 5 years who have the skills and maturity to thrive in a classroom environment and who will benefit from small group instruction. The Preschool Class meets Monday through Friday, from 9am-12pm.

  • Utilizes a multi-sensory and integrated thematic approach
  • Includes auditory training activities
  • Uses a Total Communication approach, including the simultaneous use of Signing Exact English (SEE) and spoken English

Referral Information

  • If a child has already been referred to a Local Education Agency for Special Education Services, the case manager should contact CEID to schedule a tour of our center and make a referral.
  • If a child has not yet been referred to Special Education Services, please do this now!

Individual Speech Therapy, Auditory Training, and Occupational Therapy are available to all of our students based on their individual needs and authorizations.