Home-Based Early Intervention

DJ-exploringThe CEID Home Visit Program provides services to families with children younger than 36 months old typically on a weekly basis. Visits occur at home or in a child care setting, and can include parents, family members, and caregivers. With the guidance of a CEID Home Visitor (also known as an Early Intervention Specialist), families learn how to expand their child’s language abilities at home by becoming informed about hearing levels, language development, communication strategies, social responses and educational play.

Our Home Visitors are credentialed Teachers of the Deaf with extensive experience in child development; speech and language development; sign language; multiple special needs; and parent support.

Referral Information

  • If a child is already receiving Early Start services through a regional center or a local education agency (LEA), the case manager or service coordinator should contact CEID to make a referral for specialized home visit instruction and support services.
  • If a child has not yet been referred to Early Start services, please do this now! http://www.dds.ca.gov/earlystart/WhatsES.cfm