Types of Testing

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Test Ages What it measures How it is done
Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) Typically between the developmental ages of 6 months to 2 years* This test reliably measures your young child’s responsiveness to speech, words and a variety of tones. Sounds will be played through speakers and/or earphones. We will teach your child to respond to sound with a head turn to the left and right. Then, we will reinforce your child’s behavior with lighted/animated toys. (Winnie the Pooh, a duck, a dog, etc)
Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA) Typically performed between the developmental ages of 2-4 years* This test measures your child’s responsiveness to speech and different sounds. It also measures your child’s ability to understand words that we expect for his/her age level. Your child will listen to different sounds and speech and will be taught to perform a play task after hearing a sound. (Your child holds a toy at his chin and upon hearing a sound, put the toy in a box or puzzle.)
Conventional Audiometry Typically performed with children developmentally age 5 and older* This test evaluates your child’s hearing sensitivity for speech and tones. It also assesses your child’s ability to understand speech information in various situations. Your child will respond to sounds by pressing a button or raising his or her hand.

* Developmental age is a way to express your child’s ability to perform certain tasks and functions. It is not the child’s actual age. Some children’s developmental age is younger than their actual age in months or years. We are able to adjust our procedures for a more successful experience.